Game of ‘Drones as a Service’ puts Measure Australia atop drone throne

July 28, 2016
By Alex Zaharov-Reutt

Specialising in enterprise-scale drone solutions while having an eye on consumer drone services in the future, 23-year old Aonghus Stevens has built a high-flying company.
Measure Australia bills itself as “the leading drone service provider to local and national clients”, with clients in New Zealand, too.

Specialising in “enterprise scale drone solutions”, the company says it “understands that while drones offer benefits over traditional technology and methods — cost, access, safety — the data captured is what matters most to clients”.

Thus the company’s proprietary “Drones as a Service” meets client specific data needs, “every day around Australia”.

Measure Australia also says it is “working with leading Australian businesses across a broad range of industries to deliver dramatic cost savings and new data-driven insights and outcomes”, and that the company’s “bespoke approach and consistent, high-quality delivery sets it apart as a commercial partner” which helps solve the “unique challenges and requirements” its many and varied business customers have.

One factor that differentiates Measure Australia from the competition is its “unique, platform-agnostic perspective” that “allows for tailored higher quality outcomes for clients”.

The company says it designs its services “from the outcome back through design, selecting the sensor, platform, pilot and other components to ensure the best result first time, every time”.

And, because the company works on a national level, this allows it to “scale along” with its clients and “provide a custom service in locations linked to business needs”, using its “cloud-based data delivery platform, DataView, which has been custom-built to provide clients with rapid delivery of data in a meaningful and useful way, whether they operate locally, regionally or nationally”.

So, what about the company’s youthful founder?

Stevens has already done so much at a young age, starting his business at 15 as explained at this “Raising CEO Kids” interview and profile, and being the youngest ever winner at 17 of the Anthill 30 under-30 awards that encourage and promote entrepreneurship among young Australians.

Stevens is now 23, having graduated from university, and with his stunning teenage successes already well documented, well beyond the two articles linked above, it was great to interview him about Measure Australia.

It a business hehas grown with help from his father as chief executive, and that of other professionals, to being the “leading drone service provider” in the country, which is clearly impressive.

So, without further ado, here is my interview with Aonghus Stevens, chief technology officer of “drones as a service” company, Measure Australia, with a summary of the questions discussed listed below, please read on!

I asked Stevens to start by telling us what drones as a service means and how it is different to all those one-man drone bands.

We looked at the sectors that are really taking up Measure Australia’s service, which sectors the company is really focusing on, and where the company’s biggest strategic investments are at the moment.

We discussed what makes different from those one-man bands, and also the differences with other “industrial-grade” drone operators.

Stevens then explained some of the other technologies and solutions the company is now investing in to the drive business forward that aren’t necessarily drone-related.

We talked about some interesting and exciting drone missions the company has undertaken.

I then wanted to know how far and wide the company was really able to work across Australia.

We touched on whether consumers were able to access any of these services, which is something that would be coming in the future.

I did ask Stevens to share, in a nutshell, what it was about his upbringing at home and in school that really helped to nurture his entrepreneurial spirit.

We covered some of the biggest challenges to growth thus far, what future drone developments were yet to come to change the industry, the best piece of advice Stevens had received thus far to help him get where he is today, and his final interview message for iTWire viewers and readers, and for his company’s current and future customers.

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