Measure Australia‘s unique, platform agnostic perspective allows for tailored higher quality outcomes for clients. We design our services from the outcome back through design, selecting the sensor, platform, pilot and other components to ensure the best result first time, every time.

Working on a national level enables Measure Australia to scale along with their clients and provide a custom service in locations linked to business needs. Measure Australia‘s cloud based data delivery platform, DataView™, has been custom built to provide clients with rapid delivery of data in a meaningful and useful way, whether they operate locally, regionally or nationally.

Every day Measure Australia operates drones for an array of companies across the nation.

Drones as a Service™

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    Drones as a Service™ operations are insured, certified by CASA & independently deployable.

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    On Demand

    Drones as a Services™ is ready when clients need it, be it around the corner or across the country.

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    Safe & Reliable

    Measure Australia has a strong track record of safe operations, ensuring client peace of mind.

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    Drones as a Service™ is easily scaled for national clients, achieving savings from a single operator.

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    Enterprise incentives including volume rebates & Service Level Agreements derive ROI for clients.

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    DataView™ is Measure Australia‘s proprietary cloud based data backend, optimised for customers.

Sectors & Services


USES: NDVI mapping, remote asset inspection, livestock monitoring
SPECIALTY: crop health monitoring


USES: asset inspection, facade reporting, asset corridor monitoring
SPECIALTY: remote asset inspection


USES: power line & pipeline monitoring, time critical response
SPECIALTY: 3D corridor mapping

Real Estate

USES: property & situational photography & videography
SPECIALTY: residential & commercial


USES: building assessments, loss adjustment, catastrophe response
SPECIALTY: Major & Complex loss

Public Safety

USES: emergency management, coastal surveillance & patrol
SPECIALTY: marine predator monitoring

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