Measure Australia operates Drones as a Service™ for infrastructure clients, delivering high quality data in hard to access locations. Measure Australia’s specialist pilots are trained in infrastructure jobs ensuring that client needs are identified and met first time, every time. Measure Australia can complete as much of the inspection process as is desired by the client from simple data capture, right through to detailed façade and condition assessments signed off by certified engineers.

Case Study: Bridge Inspection

Measure Australia was engaged by a local council to conduct condition assessments of a number of assets. This portfolio included an ageing footbridge with concerns for the structure. Using a drone was much safer than having a contractor on ropes visually inspecting the structure. Measure Australia also provided the council with a better record of the structure & its issues. The time to complete the inspection was greatly reduced. The use of drones demonstrates best practice operations in facility assessment and management, worksite health & safety and cost reduction.

Critical Success Factors


    Measure Australia operated within 3km of on of Australia’s busiest airports, demonstrating & using best practice drone operations.


    Measure Australia’s services were less than 10% of the cost of traditional inspection methods, saving our client a significant amount of time and money.


    Measure Australia’s staff spent 3 hours onsite, making our services 13 times more efficient than traditional inspection methods.


    Measure Australia delivered a permanent record of 350 images & 45 minutes of video, all of which were comprehensively tagged.


“It was a great experience working with Measure Australia, from the initial proposal to the site survey and the delivery of photos and 4K resolution video files. The specialists from Measure Australia briefed the council project team about what they could achieve with their drones and how they could contribute to the council projects. The footbridge has 110m of main span and a 25m high steel arch. With the 4K video survey where the inspectors can’t access easily, the asset engineer could capture high resolution still images of defect areas and eliminated the accessing process by the inspectors, which requires temporary access works and all the safety measures with high risks and high costs. The video survey by Measure Australia saved time, money and resources compared with the conventional visual inspection approach. It contributed to the project significantly without an impact to the quality of work.”

Sample Data

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