Measure Australia collects ultra high resolution (UHR) images up to 50 mega pixels. Measure Australia's UHR imagery is favoured by engineers, inspectors, planners and compliance assessors for inspections.
Measure Australia has experience in providing imagery for inspections of roofs, facades, bridges, and towers as well as defect reports for construction and infrastructure. Our UHR imagery is also used to inspect inconsistencies in blade texture and delamination on wind turbine blades. Measure Australia's large format imagery is also suited to large format marketing and real estate uses due to the gigapixel size of the images. With the affordable cost of drone imagery the is no excuse to not use incredible quality pictures.


Measure Australia captures video in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. The quality is best in class and compatible with IMAX screens. The incredible footage produced for real estate marketing including in depth exposure of the property. Measure Australia has also worked with international organisations to provide Australian accredited and licensed pilots to capture videography for Eurosports. Our drone videos are also often used in progress records for construction and environmental rehabilitation.


Panoramas are high resolution images that are long and narrow. They are predominantly used in the marketing of real estate and developments and construction reporting, providing a 360 degree experience.

360 Spheres

Measure Australia produces a fully immersive and interactive experience for clients. A 360 degree view allows for high specification view lines, giving the consumer the best possible experience with interactive imagery and a virtual reality experience. Often used in marketing for events and premium real estate, this image allows the user to see in every direction including above and below them. Measure Australia can enhance the viewers experience using visual tags of local geographical locations. We take incredible quality images and process them for the client, delivering a finished product ready to share.