Cunningham Lindsey

Measure Australia provides an on-demand drone service to Cunningham Lindsey, the world’s leading loss adjustment & insurance claims management company.

Measure Australia’s provides same day drone services to Cunningham Lindsey’s staff & operations across all of Australia. Cunningham Lindsey’s engagement of Measure Australia as exclusive supplier for drone services ensures consistency of service & product delivery.

Having Measure Australia as our national drone partner for our Australian wide business has been extremely effective, ensuring consistent processes and outcomes. Measure Australia have a clear understanding of our requirements when managing insurance claims, assisting us to reduce the time taken to gain a full understanding of the size and complexity of losses where aerial footage is appropriate. Measure Australia’s best practice operations & thorough knowledge of drone regulations reduces the corporate risk of drone use to Cunningham Lindsey.

Alastair Campbell

Lead Major & Complex Loss

Lower Risk

than traditional inspections

Drone use in Major & Complex Loss (MCL) claims reduces WHS risk by removing staff from dangerous conditions.

CAT Tasking

expedites claims processing

Expeditionary drone services allow Cunningham Lindsey's needs to be met during extended duration catastrophe (CAT) tasking.

Faster Payout

of insurance claims

Measure Australia's drone data reduce the time taken to pay out insurance claims by providing relevant & actionable information from site.

Time to Site SLA

ensures dedicated service

Measure Australia's same day services mean Cunningham Lindsey promptly meets client needs, increasing available work hours.

Through set product offerings & fixed pricing, Cunningham Lindsey’s insurance clients receive a consistent data product at an affordable price. Using MA, Cunningham Lindsey has reduced the time spent on site by adjusters & removed the need for their staff to attend some jobs. Cunningham Lindsey further benefits by passing the savings onto their customers. Measure Australia’s national & on-demand services reduce the risk to Cunningham Lindsey of using drones. Cunningham Lindsey’s staff know what they will receive ahead of time & at fixed & transparent prices.

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