Measure Australia was engaged by Stolt-Nielsen, at short notice, to create a series of marketing videos for subsidiary Stolthaven Terminals in Australia & New Zealand.

Stolt-Nielsen (Stolthaven) is a leading global provider of integrated transportation, storage & distribution solutions for bulk-liquids. Stolt-Nielsen engaged Measure Australia after having been referred by a previous customer. The client required separate promotional videos for New South Wales and Victoria in Australia, and Mount Maunganui in New Zealand.

Measure Australia arranged for drone flights in NSW, VIC and NZ for Stolthaven Terminals at short notice with completed marketing videos being turned around in a matter of hours. The service was impressive and prompt, and well and truly fulfilled our expectations. We would recommend Measure Australia to any company who requires drones, no matter their location or needs.

Michael Frost

General Manager

Further to this, there was a tight timeframe of four days from inquiry to delivery. Due to the short turn-around & inclusion of a New Zealand site, there were a number of scheduling considerations. Measure Australia exceeded client expectations on all deliverables. Measure Australia undertook this project at 3 bulk liquids storage sites, all of which contained highly flammable products.

4 Day Delivery

Measure Australia delivered completed marketing videos within 4 days of Stolt-Nielsen’s staff making an enquiry.

Explosive Environment

Measure Australia undertook the work around flammable & explosive products, with planning ensuring safety for all involved.

Business as Usual

Stolthaven Terminals’ sites continued to operate through missions, dictating flight timelines & outcomes.

Australia & New Zealand

Measure Australia undertook 2 shoots in AUS & 1 in NZ with all data being processed in-house & delivered within hours of shooting.

In addition, Stolthaven Terminals’ sites continued to operate as usual during all shoots. Given the operating environment and safety risks present, logisitcs planning and safety considerations were significant. Measure Australia safely and successfully completed the tasking.

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