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Beyond Visial Line of Sight - BVLOS

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Long-distance inspections have always been an important part of the resources, environmental, and agriculture sectors.

The ability to stretch beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) enables you to inspect your property and manage your assets and resources much more effectively. Until very recently, BVLOS inspections were completely reliant on manned aircraft.

With Measure Australia, unmanned aerial system (UAS) inspections are now possible across vast areas, with advanced drone technology being both less expensive and more accurate.

Benefits of drone-based BVLOS

Large-format BVLOS inspections have the potential to change business models around the world. While manned aircraft inspections are effective and used extensively, drones can simply do the job safer, better, faster and cheaper. There are lots of factors driving growth in this sector, including reduced costs, enhanced safety standards, improved accuracy, and faster time-to-value.

Unmanned BVLOS applications

Any industry that uses manned aircraft or ground crews to inspect beyond their line of sight can benefit from drone-based inspections. Private and public sector organisations around the world are already taking advantage of this technology, with resources, agriculture, and environmental mapping being the obvious examples.

From mineral exploration and easement inspections through to route planning and coastline monitoring, drones are a valuable addition to any business that relies on long-distance inspections.

Intelligent data transformation

We have access to advanced software solutions based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. At Measure Australia, we don’t just carry out inspections, we translate data based on your needs and provide you actionable data via a custom-built portal enhancing your decisions and workflows. From pipeline and powerline inspections through to agricultural and environmental mapping, our precise data and practical delivery will stretch your vision and improve your asset management capabilities and effectiveness.