Dilapidation Reporting

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Dilapidation Reporting

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Managed drone data solutions offer key advantages across industry sectors. Along with large-scale aerial mapping and surveying, unmanned drones are also used to inspect a growing range of Australian assets and resources.

Condition and dilapidation reporting is critical in any organisation, with government departments, private engineers, and the growing renewable enery sector increasingly on unmanned aerial systems(UAS).

Inspection and reporting for the renewable sector

Renewable energy infrastructure is growing at a rapid rate in Australia, with wind farms and solar farms taking more of the energy load each year. The entire renewable sector is asset-intensive, with above-average levels of capital needed to secure equipment. Looking after this equipment is essential, with our inspection service being able to map key infrastructure, identify defects, and prioritise solutions based on known variables.

We offer detailed dilapidation reports on wind turbines, including blade condition, hub condition, and the nacelle cover housing that houses all the generating components. We also specialise in solar panel inspections and can assess the health of your photovoltaic panels and housing structures. All dilapidation reports include thermal reporting with radiometric thermography, and all services translate equally to other facilities and engineered structures.

Intelligent reporting solutions

Despite the precision of drone-based surveys, the visual content we capture is only as useful as the reporting mechanisms we use. We have access to leading software solutions based on machine learning and artificial intelligence and know-how to produce reliable and practical reports based on your industry sector. We provide reliable and practical reports based on your industry sector. We provide access to an output portal for all captured data, along with PDF export of all reports for easy viewing and sharing.

At Measured Australia, all of our inspection and reporting services are wide-reaching and based on the highest quality standards. We enjoy working with a wide range of clients, from small private businesses through to large multinationals, councils, and government bodies across this great land.