Drone Building & Roof Inspections

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Drone Building & Roof Inspections

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Professional property and asset management demands regular inspections and reporting.

Our detailed building and roof inspections are based on advanced aerial surveys, with drones used to visualise, map, and inspect your most valuable assets. It’s impossible to repair what you can’t see. Our expert team provides a detailed dilapidation report to document the condition of your most inaccessible spaces rapidly and via an online Portal.

Aerial condition assessment

At Measure Australia, our detailed aerial inspections are ideal for asset condition auditing and reporting. We can inspect large areas quickly and provide you with accurate visual data to help you make the right decisions going forward. We provide thermal reporting and facade assessments across multiple image formats. By transforming the way you diagnose your assets, you can manage risk more effectively and improve the way you do business.

Intelligent reporting solutions

Despite the wide-reaching scope of aerial surveys, the data we capture is only as useful as the way we transform and show it to you. With custom-built software solutions based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, our reports are accurate, reliable, and highly practical. We provide access to an interactive portal for all captured data, along with PDF export of all reports for easy viewing and sharing.

If you need a certified building condition report for asset management purposes or professional indemnity insurance, Measure Australia is here to help. We understand the demanding nature of the industrial sector, with our team delivering full dilapidation reports in 24 hours.

The data transformation process:
1. Collection of imagery
2. Assessment of imagery
3. Delivery of condition reports through the Measure Australia Client Portal