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Complex Drone Program Management

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As recognised experts in managed drone solutions, we’re proud to offer a number of program management and advisory services to other industry members.

If you’re looking for additional capabilities or advice, we can assist you in the management of drone-specific aviation and flight risks, pilot administration, and software services, among other solutions.

Drone program management

Unmanned aerial systems advisory

BVLOS advisory

Area approval advisory

Unmanned surveying is a relatively young industry, with new operations often struggling to make sense of compliance standards, area approvals, technology limitations, and software integration. We started out as one of the first drone companies worldwide in 2009 and have seen the industry go through a number of changes over this time.

We enjoy helping others in the industry and believe this space is made richer when knowledge and resources are shared.

Our company has a strong relationship with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), and our chief pilot is dedicated to a number of client-specific drone program risk management services. In addition, Measure Australia also has access to software and operational expertise, which we allow clients to leverage for their own benefit through our monthly management and advisory program.

If you’re looking for help navigating the exciting world of commercial unmanned aerial systems (UAS), please contact our friendly support team.

Using SORA for BVLOS

Measure Australia’s understanding of the Joint Authorities for Rule-making on Unmanned Systems (JARUS) Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA) framework is in-depth and predicated on extensive operational experience.
If your organisation has complex needs for BVLOS, including how to apply SORA for area approvals and similar operational approvals, but doesn’t know where to start, Measure Australia’s BVLOS SORA advice will enable you to deliver your complex needs the first time, every time.